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What does the Justice of the Peace do?

As a community servant and your next Justice of the Peace Reverend Barrett wanted to provide a quick video resource for you below. 

- Video Sourced from "Voteable: What does a justice of the peace do? News 12" (not affiliated with the campaign)

Priorities that put YOU first


Every child deserves the chance to receive an education. Reverend Barrett believes it is a great equalizer in our country. As Justice of the Peace, Reverend Barrett is responsible for handling Truancy cases from the various ISDs in Pct.3


Preventing Truancy:

Currently, the best way to prevent truancy is to install prevention measures beforehand. This means working tirelessly with teachers, and administrators across the ISDs to identify students who are at risk of becoming truant and intervene beforehand by ensuring they have the proper tools they need to succeed in school both in and out of the classroom.

Community Driven Sentencing:

Once a student becomes truant, under the current system they are almost certainly tracked for juvenile incarceration. This provides no positive impact to the student or our community. My aim is to stop sending students to jail. Community-driven sentencing focuses on building a community to encourage the student, instill a sense of responsibility, and show them the power of an education that allows them to pursue their passions. The program would focus on requiring community service, additional tutoring in classes they underperform, and monthly check-ins with me and their support team


Reverend Barrett believes the Justice of the Peace works for the people! Not the other way around. Collin County is full of hard-working individuals. It is the Justice of the Peace's responsibility to make the court more accessible to you! 

Weekend Court:

People who work full time, have a caretaker obligation, or full-time students they should be allowed to meet for weekend court dates to accommodate their cases while also allowing them to complete their obligations. Implementing this will save our county tax dollars with efficiency and allow taxpayers to have a court that works around their schedule.

Zoom Court:

Over the pandemic, Texans continued to become innovative and independent. One of the key innovations we had is the use of virtual court hearings. These should be incorporated on a continual basis. This allows the court to be efficient, save tax dollars, and allow for courts to continue operating even during potential outbreaks of COVID. 


Our environment is our community. As Justice of the Peace Reverend Irvin will handle tenant and property management disputes as well as handling small claims disputes between community members. Done right; this can lower community disputes, and save residents more of their hard-earned tax dollars.


Tenet and Property Management Disputes

It's critical that a Justice of the Peace understand the issues tenants' and property managers' perspectives. This allows the Justice to stop baseless evictions from corrupt property managers. At the same time understanding these issues allows a Justice to work with property managers to ensure accountability for tenant responsibilities. This level of fairness and accountability from both parties will create a great working partnership that the Justice can mediate between tenants and property managers. 

Small claims disputes

Justice of the peace is one of the few courtrooms where parties often represent themselves. This means no lawyers, and no fancy legal expert to explain all the legal jargon. As a result, it should be the Justice of the Peace's job to educate, encourage, and help every resident who wants to participate in their local judicial system. This means treating everyone with respect in the courtroom, ensuring people are heard, and educating people on how to file their claims.

Find your Justice of the Peace

-Interactive Map Sourced from "Colin County GIS system" (not affiliated with the campaign)

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